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Limited Time Offers

Sep 17, 2014

Be sure to stay up to date with each new round of Limited Time Offers! View our current selection.

BuckID: Your Meal Plan Access Card

Want to learn more about your meal plan?

Aug 15, 2014

Learn exactly how your meal plan works and sample breakdowns of weekly usage.

C Store remodel

Marketplace C-Store

Sep 19, 2014

The C-Store at Marketplace will be temporarily relocating. For more details visit the news section on our website.

Healthy Eating On Campus

Aug 1, 2014

Our culinary team takes great care to provide balanced options in all of our dining facilities. Ultimately, its up to you to make the choices that work for you.

Labor Day Hours

Hours of Operation

Jul 8, 2014

Regular hours of operation are accessible here!